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Choosing your land

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

What to take into consideration when you are ready to buy land and build your dream home.

Site selection

What do you consider necessary to compliment your lifestyle? Do you want to be close to schools & childcare, employment, recreation and sporting facilities, medical centres, camping spots?

The first step when considering where to buy is to be sure it has all of the services and conveniences to make your life better and easier!


What services are available in the area you are looking to purchase?

  • Water- Is town water available, or do you need a bore or some other supply method?

  • Electricity- How far is it to the nearest connection point? Does the area have underground power or unsightly overhead power lines?

  • Sewerage- Is there sewerage already to the area? If not, what is the cost and maintenance of a septic system?

  • Telephone and internet connectability- Does the area experience good phone and internet connection, is it NBN or ADSL ready?

  • School bus service- Does the school bus pick up nearby?


Covenants are the rules that apply to the construction and requirements of the area. When buying land you should enquire about the building covenants that are attached. These can include minimum floor area sizes, specification of materials that are permitted to be used amongst other things. Well designed covenants assist in keeping the value and presentation of the area to a high standard.


Always take into consideration the orientation of the lot and where the main living areas will be situated in relation to the sun. A well laid out floor plan can have a big impact on your energy bills. Natural cooling can be achieved by positioning the home to take advantage of the cooling breezes and position of the sun to allow as much shade and air flow as possible.

Boundaries and Easements

Check the property to see if there are any easements or services on the land that may restrict the positioning of your house on the lot. The local council can advise you of building boundary set backs and easements that may apply to your property.

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